This guide shows how to set up an autoscaling environment in a Virtual Private Cloud using EZAutoScaling.


Create an AutoScaling Group in a VPC

  1. Log into EZAutoScaling

  2. Create an Auto Scaling Group in the same way that you would if you were not in a VPC. See the steps here, in summary
    1. Create a Launch Configuration
    2. Create an Auto Scaling Group
    3. Create Policies and Alarms if you want to
    However watch out for the items below...

  3. When creating the Launch Configuration select a security group from your VPC. The security groups from your VPC have the VPC ID in brackets.
    VPC Security Groups
  4. When creating the Auto Scaling Group select a Load Balancer that was specifically created in the VPC.
    If you select a non-VPC load balancer you will see your EC2 instances get created and immediately terminate over and over again.
    The load balancers that are part of your VPC will have the VPC ID in brackets.
    VPC Load Balancers
  5. Select the subnet in the VPC where you would like the EC2 instances to appear. If you do not select a subnet, your EC2 instances will not get created.
    You also need to make sure that the availability zones that you selected match the subnet and load balancer availability zones.
    VPC Subnets

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