This guide shows how to set up a schedule on an autoscaled environment using EZAutoScaling.

If you would like to increase or decrease your EC2 instances according to a particular time then you need to create a Schedule.
For example, a schedule enables you to have 3 instances during the day when load is high, and 1 instance during the night when load is low.


Create a Schedule for an AutoScaling Group

  1. Log into EZAutoScaling

  2. Go to the Scaling Schedules page from the top menu and click on Create Schedule
    Scaling Schedules
  3. As the Desired Capacity set the number of EC2 instances that should exist when the schedule runs.
    Desired Capacity
  4. Make sure you enter your time zone correctly. The schedule runs according to GMT, so by giving us your time zone we can determine the time when you want the schedule to run in your time zone.
    Autoscaling time zone
  5. Select the type of schedule. A one-time schedule runs only once and disappears. A recurring schedule runs on a regular interval from a given start date to a given end date.
    Type of Schedule
  6. If you want to understand what each type of schedule means, click on the "Show Example" text.

  7. Enter the start time, end time, and schedule. In a one-time schedule the start time is when the schedule will execute. In a recurring schedule the start time is when the recurring set up will start working.
    Schedule Time
  8. Click Create.

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