This guide shows how EZAutoScaling handles your AWS keys and how to set up IAM Roles for AutoScaling.

In order to use EZAutoScaling you need to provide your AWS Access keys. These keys could give access to private information in your Amazon account. EZAutoScaling provides 3 ways to make sure your AWS information is secure:
  1. You can store your keys with us in our database, and we encrypt them when we store them.
  2. You can store the keys (encrypted by us) in your browser's cookies for 24 hours. This means we do not store your keys in our database.
  3. For both scenarios above, you can further increase security by creating a very permission-restricted IAM user and using that user's keys for EZAutoScaling. Please read below to see how to set this up.
If you already know how to set up IAM Users and Roles then click here to skip to the section of the guide where we list the policies required.

Set up IAM User and Roles for AutoScaling

  1. Log in / Sign up for EZAutoScaling

  2. When you sign up for the very first time you will be asked to provide your AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key.
    Provide AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key
  3. Go to your AWS Management Console and select the IAM Service Amazon IAM Service
  4. There are multiple ways to create a new user and assign the user the sufficient policies / roles. We will show you the most direct way: Creating a new user and assigning that user directly the minimum permissions for AutoScaling.

  5. Click on Users in the left navigation and then click on Create New Users.
    Create IAM User
  6. Give the new user a name and make sure you leave the checkbox checked for generating an Access Key.
    Create IAM User 2
  7. Write down or download the Access and Secret Keys. You cannot get to them later.
    IAM Access and Secret Keys
  8. Go back to the Users screen. Click on your new user, then select Permissions from the tab underneath and press Attach User Policy.
    IAM User Policy
  9. Select the Policy Generator.
    IAM User Policy Generator
  10. Use the Policy Generator Tool to allow the user to use following services:
    IAM User Policy Generator Tool
    • AWS Service: Auto Scaling
      • All Actions (*)
    • AWS Service: Amazon EC2
      • DescribeAvailabilityZones
      • DescribeImages
      • DescribeInstances
      • DescribeKeyPairs
      • DescribeSecurityGroups
      • DescribeSubnets
    • AWS Service: Elastic Load Balancing
      • DescribeLoadBalancers
      • DescribeTargetGroups
    • AWS Service: Amazon CloudWatch
      • DeleteAlarm
      • DescribeAlarms
      • GetMetricStatistics
      • PutMetricAlarm
    • AWS Service: AWS Identity and Access Management
      • ListInstanceProfiles, ARN: *
      • PassRole, ARN: *

  11. Click Continue and Apply Policy when done. You can now use this user's AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key to give to us. The IAM User you just set up has the minimum required permissions to do AutoScaling with EZAutoScaling.

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