This guide shows how to set up autoscaling with EC2 Spot Instances.


Create an AutoScaling Environment with EC2 Spot Instances

  1. Log into EZAutoScaling

  2. Click on the Launch Configs menu
    Create Launch Configuration
  3. Create a new Launch Configuration by pressing the "Create Launch Configuration" button Create Launch Configuration
  4. In the Spot Price field enter your bid for a Spot Instance. This is the maximum price that you would pay for an EC2 Instance.
    You can learn more about Spot Instances here.

    This price will be used by Auto Scaling to bid for your instances, but this price is not necessarily what you pay for the instances when they are launched. You will pay the Spot price. For example, you bid $0.05 for m1.small instances. Your bid gets fulfilled if the current market price for m1.small Spot Instance is $0.03, or any other price below $0.05, and you will be charged the current price of $0.03 per hour. In fact, as long as your current bid is higher than the market price, your bid will be fulfilled and a Spot Instance will be launched for you. If your bid price is lower than the current Spot Instance price, then a new EC2 instance will not be launched in the AutoScaling Group.
    Enter EC2 Spot Instance Price Bid
  5. Click on the Create button to finish the creation of the Launch Configuration.
    Create Launch Configuration

  6. Create a new Auto Scaling Group and select the above Launch Configuration as its Launch Config. Every new EC2 Instance created in this Auto Scaling Group will be a Spot Instance at or below your bid price.

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